Recycled Rubber Paving

Rubber Paving

In constructing driveways and parking spaces, most of us are used to choosing between just two options: concrete and asphalt.


However, nowadays, there’s another, a more eco-friendly choice that is gaining popularity as paving material: recycled rubber.

Rubber Paving

Most rubber materials, like old rubber tires, take around 40 to 80 years to decompose. Recycling rubber tires to be used in paving is a great way to help our planet since we are helping in reducing items that would just take up much-needed space in our landfills.


Apart from saving our planet, there are also a number of advantages to using recycled rubber for parking lots as well as driveways:


  • For an example, because of rubber’s natural properties, recycled rubber surfaces would provide sound reduction as well as shock absorption. You could look forward to a quieter driving experience when you use recycled rubber paving. On top of that, your car would get additional protection because of the shock absorption.


  • Rubber can also provide good traction because of its natural texture. There’s very little chance that anyone or any wheel will experience slipping on a rubber surface.


  • Given the fact that rubber takes an incredibly long time to disintegrate, recycled rubber paving also has a long life. Aside from that, it is extremely durable and is capable of withstanding heavy traffic for many years; it won’t crack like asphalt or concrete either.


  • Recycled rubber pavings can survive extreme heat during summer, heavy rainfalls, and can thaw snow during winter.


  • It’s also undeniable that recycled rubber paving looks extremely good, aesthetically.


  • You don’t have to keep an eye on it all the time and rubber paving calls for little maintenance. You don’t have to get rid of unsightly growth of mold, mildew, or weed.


  • If you consider all the other factors such as not needing to maintain much often and the low chances of needing repair, you can easily say that recycled rubber can help you save money.

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