Asphalt Milling

In this day and age when saving our environment has become one of the most important things for us to do, it is great that in almost every product we choose to buy or use, we are given the choice to go eco-friendly.


Asphalt is made from petroleum substances and since petroleum is one of the resources we are desperately trying to save, using asphalt may not just be the best thing to do to save our planet. But, thanks to asphalt millings, we may just have a more eco-friendly choice.

Asphalt Milling

What is Asphalt Milling?


Asphalt milling, simply put, is recycled asphalt. Once old asphalt roads undergo major replacement procedures, the damaged or old asphalt us removed with a fresh, new one. However, the old asphalt materials are not thrown away – they are ‘milled’ or pulverized to smaller particles and recycled to be used as pavings or roads once more.


Benefits of Using Asphalt Milling


Aside from the obvious benefit of contributing to help save Mother Earth, there are other pros to choosing asphalt milling for your project.


It is much more affordable than fresh asphalt. – Asphalt millings cost way less than gravel too because it is made from recycled materials that are readily available.


It is extremely durable. – Asphalt millings can stand the test of time. This paving material can also withstand different types of weather and is capable of making snow thaw a lot faster.


It does not require a lot of maintenance. – What makes asphalt milling more special is the fact that it actually gets stronger and harder as years go by. What’s more, surfaces made from asphalt millings create minimal dust; therefore, it won’t lead to annoying dirt and won’t produce much mud when the rainy days arrive. Asphalt millings, in addition, does not need to be replaced or re-paved because its strength gets better through time.


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